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Good Gaming is a leading cash tournament gaming platform targeting the over 205 million eSports players and participants worldwide that want to compete at novice, competitive and professional levels. Good Gaming recently confirmed its partnership with one of the world’s leading games publishers and is launching a series of tournaments in 2017. The eSport industry has experienced exponential growth going from $500 million to $1.2 billion over the last two years with industry analysts forecasting a $5 billion industry by 2020.


Good Gaming Has Currently Has Four Tournaments

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At Good Gaming, we are aware not all who become a member to join one of our tournaments have ever competed in an eSports tournament. To ensure you, our member, have everything you need to join a tournament, we have provided this quick checklist of what is needed.

Join a Tournament

So you’ve registered for the Good Gaming site and now want to join a tournament, here are some quick tips to make this an easy and enjoyable experience:

Read the Detailed Rules for the tournament you wish to join. They contain a lot of valuable information and directions.

Make sure to have your in game credentials on your Good Gaming Profile, this is so you can be identified by both tournament admins and represenatives of the game’s eSports divisions. You can edit your profile by clicking “EDIT PROFILE” on your MY PAGE.

Depending on which game the tournament is for, there are specific pieces that you must enter if the field requires manual entry. Those are:
For Blizzard Games: Name-Hashtag-Number, example: Joe#1234 .

For Steam Games: Your Steam Username. If any issue arises you could be asked for a URL to your Steam profile.

For League of Legends: Your Summoner Name.

For XBox Console Games: Your XBox Gamertag.

For Playstation Console Games: Your PSN(Playstation Network) ID.

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August 29, 2017 08:15 ET
Good Gaming Inc. Increases Depth of Executive Management With the Hiring of Eric Brown as New Chief Operating Officer 

August 23, 2017 08:25 ET
Good Gaming Announces September Launch Date for Its First Custom Player vs Player Minecraft Game “DUEL” for Casual and Tournament Gaming

Marketwired – August 16, 2017 
Good Gaming Forges Ahead With Strategic Minecraft Division as Its Minecraft Server Is Ranked Number 3 

Marketwired – August 9, 2017 
Good Gaming Announces Strategic Changes to Its Business to Consumer Model in Order to Monetize Revenue Streams 

Marketwired – July 25, 2017 
Good Gaming Inc. Announces Several Key Website Enhancements and Upgrades as the Company Approaches 30,000 Website Memberships 

Marketwired – July 19, 2017 
Asia Region Producing Significant Growth in eSport Gaming as Good Gaming’s Asia Open Tournaments Experience 400% Increase in Sign-Ups 

Marketwired – Jul 17, 2017 
Good Gaming Minecraft Server Breaks Top Ten Worldwide as the Company Announces the Development of Its First Minecraft Player vs Player Tournament Game

Accesswire – June 21, 2017
Good Gaming Initiates Its Premium Membership Plan Through a Subscriber Based Service for Their eSport Gamers

Accesswire – April 4, 2017
Good Gaming Expands Advisory Board with Technology Pioneer and Provides Update


2130 N. Lincoln Park West
Suite 8N
Chicago, IL 60614
Phone: (773) 698-6047

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