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SSOK – Sunstock Inc. 


Company Overview 

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Sunstock, Inc. is a public company trading under the stock symbol SSOK. 

Sunstock, Inc. was founded in 2012 and is based in Sacramento, California. 

The Company was founded initially to design, develop and operate deep discount retail stores in the basic consumer goods market. 

The Company operates one retail store under the Dollar Green Stores name in Sacramento, California. 

The Company intends to acquire: 

Income producing properties with strong cash flow. 

Affordable residential properties. 

The Company plans to divest up to half of it’s cash proceeds in SILVER BULLION. 

The Company plans to build a recession based portfolio. 

Company Mission

Sunstock, Inc. intends to acquire and operate hotels, rental income properties and hold a strong position in silver commodities. 

The management of Sunstock, Inc. believes that stimulative monetary policies adopted by the United States may cause an increase in dramatic inflation of the US dollar currency in the near future. To avoid economic uncertainty, high inflation and currency losses, the Company intends to strategically target investments in hotels, residential real estate, and the precious metals market. 

Sunstock, Inc. has an exciting future as its management team explores all of the new age opportunities presented by the crowdfund platform. Crowdfunding permits traditional real estate the ability to discover and then acquire or develop properties the Company may not have otherwise known were available and broadens its target from local or regional to national. Crowdfunding also offers Sunstock the opportunity to identify projects to potentially develop via crowdsourced funding blended in with its own financing sources. 

The demand for metals is continuing alongside a growing global population that will have a greater overall need for products such as cars, computers and household goods all of which can’t be produced without metals. Gold has been the primary accepted tangible asset used as money for thousands of years. As a result of the recent recession, gold hit an all-time high of $1,900 an ounce in 2011. Gold which is considered a currency and hedge against inflation has fallen by a third since 2011 to below $1,250 per ounce on average. While the price of gold has suffered over the past five years, the metal will continue to be stored by central banks as a backup to more common currency. On the other hand, Silver considered a hybrid metal for its use as a currency and in the industrial application has been hit the hardest in the past three years, falling by more than half to below $20 per ounce on average. Silver is in a slump, but demand for the metal will continue given its strength and thermal conductivity, which is used in a number of industrial applications from electronics to automobiles. 

By comparing the current and future economic outlook, bullion is the safe haven to protect investors against a possible catastrophe in the economic markets. Therefore, the current significant fallen price of bullion is an opportunity for Sunstock, Inc. to invest in Gold and Silver. 

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Triple 8 Crypto Tokens 

Sunstock, Inc.’s Management Team Moves Forward with “Triple 8”, Precious Metal Asset-Backed Crypto Tokens 

Triple 8, a division of Sunstock, Inc., is redefining how the world conceptualizes and uses money with the pending launch of asset-backed cryptocurrencies that are directly tied to the value of gold, silver, and platinum bullion. 

By leveraging blockchain ledger technology and a diversified portfolio of precious metal holdings, Triple 8 is creating a new system for money that is both traceable and backed by assets of real value. With the Triple 8 debit card, we will provide a seamless transition to this improved system, allowing token holders to pay for everyday goods and services using real precious metals like they would use a traditional debit card today. 

Using the Triple 8 platform token holders will be able to buy, sell, and trade TRPL8 tokens, track their investment portfolios, and even govern the growth of our operations through the DA08, a Decentralized Autonomous Organization. With the DA08, all of our raised funds will be stored transparently in a publicly available multi-signature wallet, and community consensus will determine how our money will be deployed or invested before any funds are released. We are also considering the development of a Triple 8 Exchange in order to offer further liquidity and security to our token holders. 

Triple 8 will also pave the way for new levels of security and transparency in precious metal investing with the development of innovative technologies such as loT Smart Vaults for storing assets and RFID tags, Smart Cameras and Smart Scales for tracking logistics as the assets travel to the vault from their source. Our devices will be able to report these logistics to the blockchain in real time, creating a verifiable ledger of where the metal has been, who has interacted with it, and more. This groundbreaking technology will enhance the existing efforts of incentivized auditors who will be regularly checking the vaults-to verify the existence and authenticity of all assets. 

With the rapid growth of cryptocurrency and passion of the crypto community as our driving force, Triple 8’s long-term vision is to tokenize as many different commodities as possible, giving token holders virtually limitless choices in the types of assets they wish to invest in and spend. This will ultimately lead to the development of our own private permissioned chain, where any individual or organization can launch tokens on our platform based on their real-world assets. 

For additional information about Triple 8 crypto tokens:

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Sunstock, Inc. (SSOK) Contracts with Flashmoni to assist on $10M Capital Raise and ICO 

GlobeNewswire – Sunstock, Inc.’s (SSOK) Management Team Moves Forward with “Triple 8,” Precious Metal Asset Back Crypto Tokens

Management Team 

Mr. Jason Chang –
Founder, Chairman, CEO & Investor Relations Officer 

Mr. Jason Chang is the Founder, Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and Investor Relations Officer of Sunstock, Inc. Mr. Chang began his career in the hospitality industry in the family business operating several hotels throughout California. Mr. Chang has over 20 years of hospitality management experience. He has excellent communication skills, time-management skills, and overall organizational skills. 

Mr. Jason Chang is a highly motivated individual who excels at whatever he does. He has been preparing and researching for this venture for the past few years. His strategic planning and execution make him well suited to lead the Company. 

Dr. Ramnik S. Clair –
Director and Vice President 

Dr. Ramnik Clair received his medical degree in India and immigrated to the United States in 1983. He completed his medical residency in New York and has subsequently served in his medical practice as a sole practitioner. Dr. Clair intends to assist Sunstock, Inc. in building long term relationships with his client base. 


Sacramento, California USA
111 Vista Creek Circle, Sacramento, CA 95835

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